Worlds Best Dad.

March 19, 2010

"Any man can be a father,
but it takes someone special to be a dad."
I know most people think that they have the worlds best dad, and I happen to be no exception; my dad is the worlds best dad.
And one day, I think I would like to totally devote an entire book to the wisdom of my father; some of the greatest lessons I've ever learned was while I was sitting in his little office, across from his desk in the big leather chair. No matter where I was in life, whether it was a good day, or a not so great one, he has always taught me the importance of loving myself, of working hard, of being good and doing good.

I have the worlds best dad,
even when he lives across the world,
and works harder than anyone I've ever known,
has enough time in the day
to call me and tell me he loves me.

Happy Birthday Dad!
I hope one day I grow up to be like you,
And by the way,
I think the gray hair is starting to look rather suiting on you.


Michelle said...

Maybe everyone thinks their dad is the world's best because our dad IS the world's best dad for each of us!

PS. I was thinking that the move might be church related! I think it is so awesome and inspiring to see how many people pick up and move their lives for the church!!

Brittany said...

First, you are an adorable child. Oh my! Second, I know you feel about your dad. Mine's really the best too. I learn a lot from him, sometimes in the office too. Third, you've talked about this before, but why are your parents in NZ?

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