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March 6, 2010

yesterday i found out that my friends' sweet little sister is going to be getting married this summer;
and as she flipped through wedding magazines this morning, looking at different rings,
a smile spread across my face;
and i became really, really, really happy for her, for him,
and for me and mr. someone else,
someday too.

in honor of this exciting news, (because i think the two of them are absolutely adorable together!)
i have some advice i'd like to pass along from miss diete's third grade class.

advice for a happy marriage.

.you need to kiss every once in a while.
.i think you should wear something beautiful.
.get bunnies.
.take turns doing the chores.
.take breaks from each other once in a while.
.mostly say yes (like if you're going to have hot dogs for dinner and you really don't like hot dogs, it's okay to say no.)
.sleep together.
.when your husband is grumpy, smile at him.
.to show you love each other, take the smallest cookie.
& finally...
.do not marry another person.

i think this list is absolutely, one hundred and ten percent, undeniably fantastic.
(and i think that marriage will be the same way, someday too)

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♥Aubrey said...

The best advice my husband recived at our wedding...SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! Hahaha...it has saved many a fights, even when he knows i'm wrong.

This list is adorable and fun. Such smart kiddos they are :)

Mandy said...

Marriage will be lovely :)

And i like this advice.
Especially the "Mostly say yes."

brittany barney said...

how did you get this list? amazing. it made the husband and i laugh so hard! such a darling post. and made me so happy.

lexyht said...

Aww. This is so sweet. I will save this in my memory box for when I get married years and years and years from now.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Maryx said...

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

Jalene said...

oh gosh. i love this list. how adorable!

Brittany said...

how cute. i do secretly hope marriage is like that.

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

i just love your posts! i hope one day to be married too and that it would be like this and i'll follow your advice!

also to add a little...i have been recently awarded the Happy 101 Blog Award and i am now awarding it to you! check my blog for rules and what to do!

adri. said...

um, i love that list. hahaha. "get bunnies" :)

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