why these thoughts might matter.

February 4, 2010

"How can I tell what I think
till I see what I say?"

-E.M. Forster

i feel the same way, E.M. Forster;
that's why i write,
and that's maybe why i matter.


Brittany said...

you and me, we are pretty similar....as we keep finding out. remember when i wrote about mattering? well, you just helped me realizing that one part of me that matters is my words.

thank you thank you.

brittany barney said...

seriously, amazing date story. 48 hours? homeboy get a clue. i love it. boys boys boys. cant wait for you to win over mister mister. and honey, how could he not adore you? i dont even know you and i do! not to mention everyone else who reads your stuff! so, i decided the winner will be chosen at random due to fairness and the whole equality move these days:) and will be announced shortly.
ps, lunch...will be amazing.

Mandy said...

I like this Kels.
And I think it is so true.

Elza Ruth said...

you are wonderful! and now I can stalk you on your blg and be a follower :) LOVE YOU GIRL

adri. said...

i love that quote. it seriously is EXACTLY how i feel sooo much of the time. haha. but yes of course i know salad fingers! i even know hubert cumberdale! :) haven't heard of banana fingers though. p.s. i didn't know this was kenna's sister!

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