"In My Woody I Would Take You Everywhere I Go"

February 13, 2010

reasons why i think i will look back and end up loving
this year:
(even in lack of a valentine)

reason 1. i spent last night at a friends reception.
she looked beautiful, he was beautiful.
and seeing them in love was beautiful, too.

reason 2. i ended up running into the first boy i fell in "love" with (at least that's what we were convinced it was as freshmen in high school). and seeing each other for the first time in years and having the chance to talk about that night on the fence when we were fifteen (and now having the chance to laugh about it) made me smile the rest of the night. and even this morning too.

reason 3. because i think i ate 190,842 chocolate kisses within an hour, and i spent my time planning and imagining what my wedding will look like one day before falling asleep last night.

reason 4.
after waking up this morning, i had small conversation hearts for breakfast.
and i only eat the white ones.
and with a bag all to myself, i got to eat all of them.

reason 5.
because i have and will continue to listen to my current all-time favorite love song for the rest of the weekend:
surfer girl by the beach boys.

and last but not least, reason #6 (because 6 happens to be my lucky number):
right now i am packing for a mini-vacation,
to a destination only 30 minutes away.
but considering me and my other half will go date-less this weekend, we will spend tonight ordering room service, watching love movies and eating a little mermaid cake.

and to think that i kept telling everyone i don't have a valentines this year -
i have plenty.
because i have so many things to be in love with.

happy valentines day
to each and every one of you!


Jalene said...

cute. i love it. have a great weekend!

Brittany said...

i hope your valentine's weekend was wonderful! i'm jealous of your little mermaid cake!

brittany barney said...

you are too cute. i love it. what a fun reception. and so many great reasons to love valentines. what a happy post! i love it! you are fabulous. hope we can do lunch this week! let me know what your schedule looks like!

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