hey you.

February 24, 2010

dear sister/ex roommate,

i miss you. i know it's only been 3 days since you've moved, but i miss you.
i miss knowing that you will be sitting at the counter watching michael jackson music videos when i come home.
i miss talking in our bathroom as one of us gets ready for the day (even if it's at 8 at night).
i miss you making us watch hannah montana while we eat sunday dinner.

and even though i might not miss:
checking my closet to see if you stole my sweater,
or checking my stuffed animals to make sure your little boyfriend didn't try eating them again,

i still miss you a lot,
even when you only live 3 minutes down the street from me.

ps. i bet you miss me too.

photo via
(haha just kidding)


Brittany said...

you and your sister are cutie! i wish my sister wasn't 12 and could come move in with me!

brittany barney said...

so much fun. i lived with my sister for three years before we got married and i miss her madly. you two are darling. and ummm finally you put a pic of yourself on here! you are GORGEOUS!!!!

Mandy said...

I'm sorry she left :( Call me if you get lonely!

Sara said...


Author in the making: said...

oh i hope you feel better soon, lov your blog xxxxx

plz visit mine

Jonesy said...

awww cute photo.

Nice blog : ) I am a new follower.

Check out my blog as well when you get a chance.


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