Worth More Than Gold.

December 15, 2009

I was talking with some friends last night over a fine meal at Wendys,
and aside from the usual topics of:
kissing, school, kissing, funny stories, and kissing...
these were some of the things that were listed on the (quote)
"worth more than gold" list.

Number 1: Girls.
(but that's because the boy-girl ratio was 3:1)

Number 2: Mountain Dew.

Number 3: James Bond.
(that's only because my friend Heaston was there)

Number 4: Fix & Mix frosites.

Number 5: Friends.
(and i can definitely agree with that one)

but lately, my number one is:

i love it. i love it. i lovvvvvvve it.

i love waking up at two in the morning knowing that my alarm
clock won't be going off for a while.
and i love it even more when i'm getting into bed
and it's not already two in the morning.


but i'm 20.

and sleep doesn't come often.

especially as a college student.

especially during finals week.


Sarah Alaoui said...


Michelle said...

I agree with sleep! I love love love dreams. They are amazing.

Hope you get lots of sleep after finals!

PS. Really?? Mountain Dew??

Chloe said...

i also love the feeling knowing that you don't have to get up for anything the next day, I'm not big at sleeping in anyway but just knowing that I could is enough.
your blog is cute :)


emily said...

good luck with finals!! enjoy the days of no sleep--- they are the best in my book :)

Brittany said...

haha i can tell this is a list that included boys...love it.

i hope finals went well!

have a wonderful christmas.

BecsKaryn said...

Haha, Kelsie I love this... "Girls, Mt.Dew, James Bond" so funny!

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