Reader's Digest Version of My '09.

December 28, 2009

To start this off, let me begin by confessing:
the picture above is kind of what my entire holiday vacation has looked like.
i happen to be very, very, very lucky,
however...(this is where the confession sets in)
the other day i was in an absolutely wicked and terrible mood.
i didn't really have any good reason to be either -
especially considering i have constantly been seeing some of the most beautiful places on earth; unfortunately, my weaknesses still got the best of me,
and i made rather unpleasant company.
luckily, this confession has a happy ending,
because it didn't take long for me to start thumbing through my life in lists book -
and as i began a new list, i was able to gain a whole new perspective.
here is a part of that list.
the list of things i loved about twenty-oh-nine.
i love that i got to see my favorite city in the world. twice.
(especially when i got to visit valentines day with my dad)
boston, i will always love you.

i love the 1,001 memories i made in just 100 days of summer;
especially the night where i was halfway eaten alive by mosquitoes after jumping into a lake while wearing my yellow dress.
(i love that my best friend had to push me me in so i would actually do it too.)
i love that i discovered a new love for strawberry shortcake cupcakes.
and i love that my love for zac efron has never died. and i don't think it ever will.
i love that i took a nap in central park on a summer afternoon just two weeks before another school year started.
i love that i just realized i could cross 22 things off my
"things to do before i die list"
(including: flying over the northern part of New Zealand in a helicopter!
Freeeeak. So. So. Cool)
and yet I have added 78 things to that same list too.
i love my french professor still.
yes, monsieur lawrence, it is true.
i really, really loved you.
i love the sunday dinner tradition that was started this past fall with all my darling, charming but mainly dorky friends.

i even love all the jokes about "spells i put on the chicken" after food poisoning three people.
i love my best friends who always remained a phone call away,
even when they got married to their other best friends.
i love that thanks to taylor swift,
my friends and i have reinvested our friday nights into
making more silly music videos.

i love that i spent the last week of december totally sore and sunburned.
(kind of. this was me just trying to be super optimistic)
i love that even though i've had to say goodbye to people that i love more than anything,
i know that they're still there, and always will be.
i love that after all the tears it cost -
i will still take a years worth of important lessons with me.
i love that at the close of another year,
as i sat and tried to write the usual christmas card greetings,
i couldn't find the time to write everything
i wanted to say to everyone i love,
because i've been so blessed to meet so many good people.

and lastly...
i love that there was something about this year that i will never forget.
maybe it's because i grew up a tiny bit more,
or maybe it's just because i grew to love life
(no matter how hard, or how imperfect)
just a tiny bit more too.
and now that the end of the year has finally come,
a new decade is getting ready to begin.
in fact, considering my location this new years eve,
i will be among the firsts in the entire world
to celebrate the beginning of a new year,
(which merits me making a lot of wishes at midnight, don't you think?)
anyway, before i end i've come to one final conclusion:
there may be some parts of 2009 i'd like to leave behind -
but there sure is a lot, lot more i'd like to take with me.

and as for 2010...
well, i really can't wait for you either.


Yvonne said...

i LOVE your positive outlook on life... it's inspiring

Ash said...

I love your post. I wish I were at the beach, but my frozen home is good too, I suppose.

Jalene said...

love this. so beautiful. it made think about 2009 too. i may just have to write a post about it. thanks.

BecsKaryn said...

Kelsie! I'm so glad you posted from New Zealand! Looks like you had a blast! You are adorable and I'm so glad to know you. :)

Maryx said...

Great post!!

Anonymous said...
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