Attention Deficit Disorder.

December 9, 2009

Why It was Impossible to Pay Any Attention in My 11 a.m. class This Morning.

Dear Boy who whistled "Frosty the Snowman" from north to south end of campus while following me the entire way,

Even when we went our separate ways, I kept singing the song to myself because you successfully got it stuck in my head. And I am not a big "frosty the snow man" fan either.

Dear cute boy who sits on the back row and brings Lebron James into every class discussion we have,

You're clever and cute. I especially liked what you had to say today about Baldassare Castiglione, and somehow tie it into Mr. James looking great in an Armani suit. However, you make it hard to pay attention to our professor when you are so much more fun to pay attention to.

Dear Spider on the wall,

You were crawling way too close to me today. All I could do was lean very, very far away from you and hope I didn't look too awkward. Also, thank you for disappearing suddenly. I had to keep checking my hair to make sure you weren't somewhere in there.

Dear Professor,

Machiavelli is interesting, but only to an extent. Since today was day 28 of this discussion, I think I must say that there is truly nothing left to say about him.

Dear Self,

Please start getting to bed earlier so you can write better notes. Looking down at my notebook after class and seeing "kelsie christensen" scribbled in cursive, calligraphy, backwards and with my left hand made me worry a little bit for my upcoming final next week.

Dear snow outside my classroom,

You make my nose red and my ears want to fall off, and you definitely make it hard to get out of bed in the mornings thanks to my ice box bedroom, but stick around... you make everything so much better.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha!!! Love this!!! It makes me miss lecture classes and college life. :o)

Michelle said...

When I fall asleep in class I can see my sentences trailing off and turning into scribbles too!

And doesn't the cold make it just that much harder to get up and do everything? (And I don't live in that cold of a place!)

Mandy said...

You're cute.

Kristin said...

I think it's the holidays. I always had trouble paying attention when December rolled around!

Yvonne said...

lol I love your blog. i'mmmmm gonna have to go ahead and follow yah ;)

ashley lauren said...

Agree with Mandy. You are so cute. I need to see you more often than just when Mandy and Tia are in town. Yeah?

Lizzy said...

haha! Kelsie you make me laugh so hard. And i can relate.. I get distracted in And I write my name all over all my notes. Always. Try drawing pictures of your professors too.. its fun :)

trinebean said...

this is wonderful. really. I miss you. Please let's do something during break... I have a whole lot to catch you up on. :)

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