My Life In A Book.

June 16, 2009

That is my dream, to finish my 7Up Girl series....
and a definite goal to complete one of the
four books in the series this summer
(I guess we'll see how things go...)

But, this book isn't filled with sentences or paragraphs.
this book is dedicated to stuff.
-A picture of Ashley Olsen that I've had since I was 12
because I so desperately wanted her hair (and sometimes still do).
-Fortune's from fortune cookies.
-Old notes passed in class.
-The first email I received from a boy in the 8th Grade.
-A list of the reasons why I love my hometown, even though I
dreaded driving pass the rodeo every morning on my way to school.
-Old pictures that have been long forgotten, faded and torn.
-Advice to my future kids.
-My infinite play list
(rocket summer, beach boys, and john mayer among the many...)
-All-time favorite poems, quotes, talks, inspirations....
-And so on.

This is my summer project:

This is my life in a book.
Good Luck to me!


Ken-Ken said...

that coldplay song is sweet dude. and i love your life book. too bad you can't put up all the pages on here! they are so amazing!

jasmine said...

oh how cool! it sounds like it's going to be amazing! i love journals/books with scraps and photos and little tiny reminders of fun times had. they're so special. you're gonna have so much fun working on it! :)

Mandy said...

Please bring it with you when you come to visit me?
I really want to see it.

7upkels said...

ps. mandy i will bring it FOR SURE :) i am dedicating the next 3/4ths of this book to our trip too!

Be one with the Fro said...

oooo this sounds amazing! i always think about doing something like this.

Fashion Face said...

This is SUCH a cute idea!! Have you ever heard of picaboo? I used that program once to make a scrapbook for a friend. You can scan in the pages you have done and it will print out year book style. Super Cool!

Good Luck!

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